Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's The Deal with Glass Balls?

Inspired By  calling the Moon a Hollow Glass Bead


Eleleth ר ק D said...

The mother-space of Phenomena will show you your dreams. The essence of Snow White's apple. Just another piece of art-murder.

And reflected in the charm was a city of lost horizons and tall and towering stories. And just as it had been reflected in the charm, so it appeared in the void..

David Aames (Bowie) is under the rule of the "seven dwarfs," the Seven Archons of the Hebdomad, and the Seven Lower Sephirot. The multicolored Christmas tree lights show the multicolor spread. The Christmas Presence is the Shekinah at the base of the Tree.

Anonymous said...

The bead is also the lens of a camera.

Eleleth ר ק D said...


Sarah = the Heh (Binah)
Jareth = the Vav (Zeir Anpin)

The name Sarah relates to the sphere of Binah. Jah-reth gives Sarah the glass prism of Daath that allows her to view her dreams. DVD DiViDes the upper and lower waters (Binah and Malkuth) with his blasphemies. Yet he is also her "Hero" and charged with the reparation of the worlds. The Hero Twins of Christ and Ialdabaoth. Anything else is a pointless charade that accomplishes nothing; a simulacrum only. The Son stands between Past (Chokmah) and Future (Binah); where will he go?

'The reason why the letter chaf [in "to weep for her," livkota] is written small is because, as our sages say, "three days for weeping and seven days for eulogizing".'

Eleleth ר ק D said...

I can't live Within You . . .

. . . But I would be your slave:

Tell me when you're sad
I wanna make it cool again
I know you're feeling bad
Tell me when you're cool again

Who would have ever thought of it?
Who would have ever dreamed?
That a small-town girl like you
Would be the boss of me

The Father ran the Labyrinth:

I can only love you by hating him more
That's not the truth, it's too big a word
He believed that love is theft
Love and war, the theft of love

And I tell myself, I don't know who I am
And I tell myself, I don't know who I am
My father ran the prison
My father ran the prison
But I am a seer, I am a liar

zzzz said...

Mark, when you say that we are "in the Moon" do you mean that we are within the torus model as presented by Stan Tenen here: http://www.meru.org/contin.html

I've seen it symbolized as the Apple and the human Heart, but never the Moon.

Is this the same black iron prison that the Gnostics want to break free from?