Saturday, April 6, 2013

The root cause of conspiracies

Could it be something as simple as the discrepancy between what we have, and what we want. Our psychological inability to get our heads around why the Joneses have a shiny new car and we don't.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Found this Gem of a Post on GLP

"There will never be doom. there will never be new age new earth. there will never be rapture. there will never be a stock market crash. there will never be a big earthquake. you'll never have Super Powers. you'll never get money. all beLIEfs are LIES and just TRAPS. sex is a TRAP. "Love" illusion is a TRAP. materialism is a TRAP. money is a TRAP. drugs/alcohol are a trap. government is a corporation fiction. both sides on politics are a fiction. religion is a fiction. god doesn't exist. devil doesn't exist. higher self doesn't exist. people or characters around you are LIARS and manipulators. they pretend love. they pretend caring. they play hot and cold. they pretend friendship. they pretend conflict. you never need to pay for anything because it's not real in the first place. characters talk about the weather, traffic, paying for things. this world is a shithole that has nothing to offer me...waiting for anything to change is bullshit. wash, rinse, repeat. tomorrow will be the same as 5 years ago. poop, work, eat, sleep..repeat. the Matrix controller is deceiving, manipulating and a liar. it's stupid and i'm more intelligent than its simplistic games. characters are stupid also because i see thru their bullshit scripting. don't wait because nothing will ever change. don't take action because everything is scripted A to Z by the Matrix controller fuckhead. what's left is only food and nature but now even nature i could take it or leave it. food tastes worse and it's only your mind that says you're tasting or eating something yummy. you're all controlled pavlovian dogs. manipulated and deceived since day 1. programmed and downloaded with bullcrap. you are kept on a leash using monetary system. NOTHING ABOUT THIS WORLD WILL EVER CHANGE. DON'T BOTHER WAITING BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT. Trap world, Trap world, watcha gonna do?"

Source: Godlike Productions Forum

Rather Refreshing in a strange way.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's The Deal with Glass Balls?

Inspired By  calling the Moon a Hollow Glass Bead